Dispute Resolution Associates is a firm specializing in fact-finding, settlement counseling, and other forms of neutral investigation work all geared toward litigation avoidance and the prompt and economical resolution of workplace, commercial, and other disputes.

When workplace disputes arise, rancor and discord can negatively affect productivity, morale, and profits. Dispute Resolution Associates facilitates efficient investigation and mediated results, with an eye toward prompt closure and minimal business disruption. Its principals, Peter Meyers and Joan Parker, are nationally recognized arbitrators and mediators with 50 years’ combined experience in both the private and public sectors. Having served as neutrals in thousands of disputes, they believe that thorough investigation and appropriate responsive action can provide numerous benefits to employers and employees alike. Moreover, their two-person, male-female approach heightens confidence in their neutrality, gives credibility to their results, and enables employers to mount investigations that are free of structural bias.

The Benefits of Impartial and Competent Fact-Finding

  • Reduces corporate time involved in responding to and processing claims
  • Lowers legal fees
  • Speeds resolution of employment disputes through competent fact-finding
  • Provides greater opportunity to resolve issues before they are litigated
  • Empowers claimants and employers to creatively resolve disputes with neutral assistance and maximizes opportunities to fashion remedies not available through traditional litigation
  • Assists employers in raising an affirmative defense to liability and damages in those cases that are litigated

For more information on Dispute Resolution Associates, please contact Peter Meyers (peterarbme [at] aol.com, 312-616-1500) or Joan Parker (joanparker [at] aol.com, 610-896-3936).